Tips to boost your digestion through pregnancy

Keeping regular through pregnancy

Whether you are 12 weeks pregnant, 24 weeks pregnant, close to term or have recently delivered your baby, a sluggish digestion isn’t something that you have to simply endure. A slowed-down metabolism can be a common side-effect of pregnancy but there are lots of things that you can do to keep things moving and to reduce any physical discomfort.

Please read on for our tips on boosting digestion during pregnancy. But, if your symptoms have gone beyond unpleasant and have become severe – if you are vomiting uncontrollably, for example, or experiencing acute abdominal pain – it is crucial that you consult a doctor.


  • Increase the fibre in your daily diet by including lots of whole grain foods, nuts, raw and cooked vegetables, fresh and dried fruits and legumes.
  • Iron supplements can have a negative impact on digestion. Make sure that your iron levels are being monitored by a healthcare professional and only take supplements if that’s what your doctor advises.   
  • Avoid rich meals that are overly heavy. Light, tempting and well balanced meals – that are eaten slowly and more frequently - should be your aim.


  • During pregnancy, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you get plenty to drink. Aim for 8 servings, daily.
  • Why not try drinking a few sips of hot water before meals? It can help to alleviate heartburn and may boost digestion.
  • Many women find that, during pregnancy, they develop an aversion to tea and coffee. No bad thing as caffeine can exacerbate stomach acidity.


  • Walking is a perennial favourite and just half an hour a day can be enough to boost the metabolism and stimulate the bowel.
  • Swimming, yoga and Pilates can be relaxing options, too.
  • But always talk to your doctor first; especially if you haven’t exercised for a while.

The future

  • And now for the good news. In just a few short months, you’ll finally be holding your precious little baby in your arms. And all these unpleasant symptoms? A thing of the past.

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