Pregnancy ... what your best friend (probably) wont tell you!

Pregnancy related secrets

Pregnancy. Nine short joy-filled months. Hmm. ... It can seem like that, sometimes, if you believe what you read in the celebrity-filled pages of the glossy magazines. But for many women, in the real world, that joy is not entirely uncomplicated.

Read on for our top-seven list of pregnancy-related secrets.

1. You might not feel 100% happy, 24/7
No matter how much you longed for this baby, it’s perfectly natural to have feelings of anxiety and even ambivalence. Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster with fears about the delivery and stepping up to the challenge of being a parent surprisingly commonplace. You might feel weepier than usual. You might feel more irritable. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and to try and accept them as part of your pregnancy experience. Be kind to yourself. Relax whenever you get the opportunity. And ask for help when you need it. 

2. Aches and pains; literally everywhere!
Your body goes through a lot of physical changes, during pregnancy. Aches and pains can be part and parcel of the whole pregnancy experience. Your head might hurt and your back, and your feet, your legs, your breasts… and your bum. Piles – a particularly unpleasant side effect of pregnancy - can be aggravated by constipation. If you’re concerned about anything, it’s important to speak to your doctor. No matter how embarrassing, your doctor will have seen it all before.

3. You might need a little help to achieve that pregnancy glow
Some women positively bloom during pregnancy. Lucky them! Others find their skin more prone than usual to breakouts, have dark circles under their eyes from all those unexpectedly restless nights and have limp, greasy locks to top it all off.  Get as much rest as you possibly can. Eat well, drink plenty of liquids. Then fake it; switch shampoos to pep up your hair and think about trying a lower-maintenance style, try one of the new BB and CC creams to give your skin a boost, and smile!

4. Kiss goodbye to those killer heels…
In the final trimester, you might find that your feet swell, as well as your ankles. Ah, the joys! And, although your feet will soon be back to normal, learning to walk in those towering heels with a newborn in tow might not be top of your priority list, post-partum.

5. Everyone’s an expert
Everybody has a story to share. And not all of them will be particularly helpful or positive. Try to be assertive, especially if you find an anecdote upsetting.  It’s excellent practice for when your little one arrives and you find yourself being bombarded with unsolicited advice about breastfeeding, sleeping routines, the list goes on. Invest in a well-reviewed book, choose ONE website, trust your gynae and take every other piece of advice with a pinch of salt.

6. Get used to counting sheep 
During the first trimester, staying awake can feel like an impossible challenge. And then you might find yourself bursting with energy, in the second trimester, with little desire to sleep. By the time you reach the third trimester, though, your body may be craving sleep while your mind refuses to cooperate. Insomnia: it’s one of pregnancy’s great mysteries. You go to bed, exhausted. You get into a comfortable position. And… Nothing. It may seem like an impossible ask but do try to relax. Consider investing in a couple of apps on relaxation techniques during pregnancy. And try not to worry, it can make insomnia worse.

7. You’ll discover who your friends are
Pregnancy is a special time and it’s nice to have someone to share the journey with. Friends without children, and those with older kids, are at a different life stage and may find it hard to relate to you. So a carefully chosen bump-buddy can be a good ally. Antenatal classes, breastfeeding support groups and even online forums can be a good place to start for you to find yours!


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